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Secretary General of WHF: We invite to cooperation!

***   World Horting Federation for partners   ***

We invite to cooperation! - Wir laden Sie herzlich zur Zusammenarbeit! - Kutsumme yhteistyöhön ulkomaisten! - Invitiamo alla collaborazione!

For partners!

The World Horting Federation develops the horting in the all countries and we are glad to cooperate with other Sport Federations, Clubs, all companies  and people who are interested in improving their professional skills or only start sport career. Federation offer our services and invite to collaborate.

The main part in the work of the Federation is studying the heritage of the Horting, creating the methodical base by using the modern scientific approaches in all the fields of the human studies, carrying out seminars and courses for the coaches. Horting - is a sport, which is a combat martial art, in which is conducted complex sport fighting. The main thing - unexpectedness and speed! The ability to control yourself is achieved by self-regulation and psychologic trainings. Here and in other parts of our website you can get material on self-defense, which can be useful. Federation holds seminars and extension courses for coaches and instructors on Horting. These seminars and courses are held according to event calendar of WHF. After finishing courses and seminars you will get certificate of standard pattern. Here you can make your request for participation in our activities. Below you can read topics of the seminars.



Horting is not some new secret martial art with plenty of secret techniques and based on east philosophy.
Horting is new accurately saying more precisely systematized old, used antiquity people in all Europe, single combat which in our time due to efforts of creators transformed in the single battle and sporting system.

Due to the correct selection of techniques in Horting it is possible to use as a mean of self-defense, and also to use as a battle system for the special services.
But also due to the system of competitions in Horting is the sport competition type of single combat with minimized injury.

We thank you all for a help and participating in creation of new universal sporting type of single combat.

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